The EIT ScaVanger and Scaleup Projects for alloying and steel industries:

European Scandium for a Lighter and Greener Future

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Sustainable Supply of Scandium for the EU Industries from Liquid Iron Chloride Based TiO2 Plants

Yagmurlu, B.; Orberger, B.;Dittrich, C.; Croisé, G.; Scharfenberg, R.; Balomenos, E.; Panias, D.; Mikeli, E.; Maier, C.; Schneider, R.; et al. Proc. 2021, 5, 86.

Proceeding Paper

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First Scandium analyses by LIBS on Sc-products from residual metallurgical solutions:

Meima, J.A.; Orberger, B.; García Piña, C.; Prudhomme, A.; Dittrich, C. Increasing Resource Efficiency of Bauxites Using LIBS. Mater. Proc. 2021, 5, 81.

ScaVanger participated at the 7th SGA Short Course on African Metallogeny in Windhoek, Namibia (29th November to 3rd December) on the topic: “Energy Metals for a Sustainable Society”.

Beate Orberger gave a lecture on “Secondary Vanadium Resources” presenting the EIT ScaVanger projects.


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7th SGA-IUGS-UNESCO-SEG- Short Course on African Metallogeny

Energy Metals for a Sustainable Society

Windhoek, Namibia, 29th November– 3rd December 2021

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International Mineral Processing Congress

Athens, Greece, 5-9 September 2021
Raw Mat Athens Greece


Session B4: Critical Metals Recovery from Waste (Chair: C. Mori De Oliviera, N. Papassiopi)

Sustainable supply of Sc for the EU industries from liquid iron chloride based TiO2 plants

B. Yagmurlu, B. Orberger, C. Dittrich, G. Croisé, R. Scharfenberg, E. Balomenos, D. Panias, E. Mikeli, C. Maier, R. Schneider, B. Friedrich, P. Dräger, Frank Baumgärtner, M. Schmitz, P. Letmathe, K. Sakkas, C. Georgopoulos, H. van den Laan

Detailed Program


INCO-Piles round table

Opportunities for technology transfer to foster the recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) from tailings

CRM recovery from Ti-pigment production
B. Yagmurlu, MEAB Chemie Technik GmbH

Detailed Program

Dr. Bengi Yagmurlu (MEAB Chemietechnik, Aachen) received the AWARD JUNIOR RESEARCHER at RAWMAT 21 for the paper

Innovative recovery method for critical elements from metallic end-of-life products
B. Yagmurlu, C. Dittrich, G. Dunn

ScaVanger participated in the INCO PILE round table