Team of ScaVanger

ENALOS Research and Development, Greece

ENALOS Research and Development, Greece

ENALOS is a Greek company founded in 2009 by a team of Engineers with developed services and solutions for Tunneling, Mining and Materials sectors. ENALOS has a dedicated Sustainable Solutions Team with solutions and tools for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC), Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), eco-design, environmental communications and regulatory compliance to private companies and business associations. The mission of Sustainable Solutions Team of ENALOS is to support companies and organizations in improving and communicating their environmental, economic and social sustainability. ENALOS utilizes LCA-LCC-SLCA among other environmental tools to support customers in understanding, reducing and communicating the environmental impact of their processes, products and services.

In addition, ENALOS aims at the development of high added value materials from the valorization of industrial wastes. ENALOS designs innovative process for the utilization of by-products and wastes in various industries developing Functional Materials and establishing growth for the society for our customers and finally for our company. ENALOS has already designed and developed a material aiming to be applied as fire resistance.

ENALOS Research and Development, Greece

Participation in the ScaVanger project

In ScaVanger, ENALOS will perform LCA and MFA.

Analysis of the contribution of the life cycle stages to the overall environmental load and comparison with existing technologies.

Co-organizing the summer school for PhD and master students at NTUA.

ScaVanger project team

Dr Konstantinos Sakkas, is a metallurgist and entrepreneur with significant expertise in industrial research and project management.

Christos Georgopoulos, is a chemical engineer with significant expertise in various industries and projects.


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